CertainTeed Apollo II Solar Roofing – Radiant energy…Brilliant Looks

Apollo II Solar Roofing System is the pinnacle of energy production, using monocrystalline silicon solar cells to capture and convert more solar energy per square foot than any other CertainTeed solution.
Features and Benefits:
Apollo II Solar Roofing is the versatile solution for maximum power and flexibility in installation directly on new or existing roofs. 
  • Efficiency:  14 high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar cells per module for a power rating of 54 watts per module.
  • Low profile:  The slim profile provides a clean integrated look that a rack mounted system cannot match.
  • Lightweight:  No need for structural reinforcements or analysis.  Each module weighs only 12 pounds or about as many pounds per square foot as a typical asphalt shingle.
  • Load rating:  Modules are rated to 250 pounds per square foot.
  • Wind resistance rating:  Apollo II roofing systems achieve a 110 mph wind resistance rating.
  • Water handling:  Water channels and raised fastener locations further improve the integrity of Apollo II as a roofing system.
  • Wire management:  Open space under the modules allows for easy wire/installation and eliminates the possibility of wires being pinched between the module and the roof deck.
  • Aesthetics:  Black (frame) on black (cells) on black (backsheet) provides a greater aesthetic and visually blends with the surrounding roof. 

Benefits To The Homeowner:

Apollo II makes you master of the sun with a system that harnesses more energy per square foot than any other, significantly decreasing a home’s draw on the grid and reducing carbon emissions.

With its maximum output potential, Apollo II can generate most or all of the electricity your home uses during the day.  And if a home doesn’t use all the electricity the roof makes, the excess power flows back through the meter into the power grid, causing electric bills to go down even further.
That makes Apollo II Solar Roofing one of the most environmentally conscious things you can offer a homeowner for a beautiful, ecologically-sound future.