Moisture Management/Insulation

Moisture Management

The Pactiv GreenGuard Residential Line is filled with products that help block water and air infiltration and add insulating power. Installing continuous insulation on the wall exterior using GreenGuards extruded polystyrene (XPS) sheathings and siding underlayments helps eliminate thermal breaks that result from using wood framing and sheathing. GreenGuard building wraps block air infiltration and serve as an essential component of water managed walls. When you use GreenGuard products, the result is better energy efficiency and durability for every home you build.

Before the siding goes on, weather protection needs to be built in. The CertainTeed CertaWrap™ Weather Resistant Barrier provides an added layer of protection against air and moisture damage. It’s part of the complete CertaWall Weather Deterrence System™ – an advantage worth building into every home.

Unlike conventional batt and wood sheathing construction, which can leave up to 20% of the wall area uninsulated, FALCON FOAM® Insulation covers the entire frame with a cost-effective thermal barrier. The result is a significant increase in wall ´R´ rating for increased energy efficiency and occupant comfort. In addition to containing valuable energy, this improved thermal envelope protects the frame against exposure to intense heat and cold, reducing structural contraction and expansion.