Soffit and Fascia


Mastic Soffits and Fascia offers the utmost curb appeal without compromising the functional features you need. It gives your home a finished look with premium vinyl siding sculpted in a smooth, clean profile. And according to recent tests, it delivers up to 50 percent more ventilation space than other leading hidden vent panels.

Rollex Soffit and Fascia panels keep dangerous hot air out of attics in the summer and damaging moisture out during the winter months. Strong yet flexible aluminum soffit is perfectly vented to promote continuous airflow, a necessary component to keeping attics cool and dry.


Highlighted by the Invisivent product, CertainTeed Vinyl Soffits offer the ventilation an attic needs without sacrificing appearance.

Royal Group
Never before has a vinyl soffit looked more appealing or provided more value with innovative design features like perforations that keep insects out and a finish that provides unsurpassed stain resistance. Available in the most sought after colors and offering virtually maintenance free protection, Royal Vinyl Soffits are a great option for any professional to offer.