Mastic T-LOK Barkwood .048 Vinyl Siding

Mastic Brentwood .040 Vinyl Siding

Mastic T-LOK Barkwood .048 Vinyl Siding
There’s a reason T-LOK Barkwood has been a local bestseller for more than 30 years. No paint. No stain. No hassle. And its distinctive wood grain style and attractive lines create a sophisticated look that gets noticed. Plus, its superior strength means T-LOK Barkwood goes on straight and stays that way. Since the first Barkwood Panel was produced, Cardinal Building Materials has been a lead supplier for the product in the siding supply industry.

– 4 Classic Colors
– 12 Light Colors

– Double 4″ Woodgrain Clapboard
– Double 5″ Woodgrain Dutchlap
– Double 5″ Woodgrain Clapboard
– Triple 2-2/3″ Woodgrain Clapboard
– Single 8″ Woodgrain Clapboard

– Wind speed rated up to 165 MPH
– Virtually maintenance free, never needs painting
– 1/2″ Panel Projection (Double 4″ Clapboard, Triple 2-2/3″ Clapboard)
– 5/8″ Panel Projection (Double 5″ Clapboard, Double 5″ Dutchlap)
– 3/4″ Panel Projection (Single 8″ Clapboard)
– .048″ thickness
– Metro-Dade County Approved
– NAHB Green Approved
– Class 1(A) fire rating
– Lifetime limited warranty

Mastic T-LOK Barkwood .048 Vinyl Siding Brochure
Mastic Home Exteriors Siding Warranty
Recommended Care and Maintenance of Vinyl Siding