The Easton Window Series

Vinyl Windows

Features & Benefits

  • Solid virgin vinyl maintains a natural appearance and will not chip, peel, corrode, rot.
  • Fusion welded frame and sash corners are secure, weathertight and never pull apart.
  • 5 degree sloped sill and internal water management channels weep water away from your home.
  • Low-profile fusion-welded sashes subtly frame the view and allow abundant natural light into your home.
  • Multi-Chambered I-Beam structural mainframe provides superior strength and rigidity while offering the most adaptability for all installation methods.
  • Night Locks are AAMA Certified against forced entry.
  • Powdercoated die-cast cam locks will never rust or break and proved a secure defense against forced entry.
  • Ample weatherstipping consists of synthetic wool pile with mylar fin strip that guards against air and water leakage.
  • Patented Bettervue ™ screen mesh increases airflow and improves insect protection by utilizing a 30% smaller mesh opening and thinner fibers than standard screens. The result is higher light transmittance, improved curb appeal and a significantly clearer view from inside or out.

Grid Options

Vinyl Windows

Glass Options

  • IntelliGlass high performance Low E with Argon fill.
  • IntelliGlass Plus Triple Pane Low E
  • Argon Fill IntelliGlass Supreme Triple Pane Low E
  • Additional Glass Options Include Tempered, Obscure, Tinted, Laminated
  • Vinyl Windows