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Accessory Products

Mid-America is obsessed with details. Every last exterior siding accessory must be spot on. We know that every piece is equally important when building a home and any delay can really set you back.

Just the right tools for crimping, bending, folding or seaming metal. Today, Malco continues the tradition of quality and innovation, and distributes thousands of products from its Annandale, MN headquarters to trade professionals in the U.S. and around the globe.

Fypon gives design and construction professionals an edge over other interior and exterior design building materials. Fypon marries style and performance with one of the industry's largest product offerings and best customer service to give our customers a true competitive advantage.

Finally a roofing underlayment built for roofers!! RAPTOR!!!

- Incredible traction wet or dry
- Lays flat and stays flat
- Exposure time of 6 months
- 25 year limited warranty
- Extreme resistance to tearing
- Preferred fasteners are regular roofing nails or cap nails
- Staples can be used if shingles will be installed the same day
- Raptor™ is approved for ICC ESR-3624

Excellent for locations where salt spray and other extreme environments cause other products to corrode. Powder-coated aluminum can handle the heaviest debris loads, or mill-finish can be used in applications where a lighter-duty guard is appropriate.

High product quality and functionality, combined with well-recognized integrity and solid partner base has established Lomanco as the premier manufacturer of residential ventilation products in the world. Lomanco's success has been built on pride, dedication and the hard work of Lomanco owners, management, employees, sales representatives, vendors, and customers since 1946.